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The ways we learn and play

Play And Learn

Bali Children of the Hill are students eager to meet you and work with you. It is a great idea to get involved with extra-curricular activities such as art, dance, drama, music, arts & crafts, and sports. Many of your students would not normally have access to these kinds of activities, so this experience would benefit them enormously. Giving them a chance to develop their skills and creativity will also help boost their confidence and quality of life.

English Lessons

Bali’s economy has become more and more dependant on tourism over the years. English has become extremely important for everyone on the island. Having basic English skills can make the difference between being unemployed and living in serious poverty to gaining employment that pays a living wage. Local teachers are capable of teaching students the structural aspects of the English language, such as grammar but may not have the ability to teach the correct pronunciation or intonation. You can help by providing conversational communication skills which puts the structural components of learning a language into practice. By helping students advance in their English conversational skills you will greatly enhance their learning experience and conversational skills which will influence their future prospects. Our classrooms our minimalistic. You will often find that the only tools you have to teach with are a board and marker. Fortunately, the most important resource you have is yourself. The students will want to find out about you. They will endlessly ask you questions and try to engage you in conversation as they are excited to learn and develop their English skills. Their enthusiasm will inspire you and quickly make you realize that coming to volunteer at YRAGI was the right choice. You may even decide to extend your stay.


Bali is an amazing place but unfortunately being developed too quickly and is therefore facing a massive issue with trash. The situation is no different in the village of Ulakan. The missing link is, to a great extent, knowledge and awareness on pollution. We wish to offer Bali Children of the Hill the opportunity to improve the future picture of Bali, by learning the importance of environmental issues through simple experiments, organic gardening and the fun of recycling,

Computer classes

Bali Children of the Hill have at their disposal 5 computers which are at the moment not being used. We are looking for an enthusiastic individuals with medium computer skills and a lot of patience, to transfer their knowledge to the students. Idea is to give a chance to the children to enhance their ability in the future life with giving them an opportunity to embrace this useful skill.

One of the topics would be to help them write CVs and of course improve their basic English.

At the present moment digital world offers many opportunities for learning new skills, socializing and even being employed. So giving this kind of knowledge would be an extreme advantage.


Children’s world is a world of play. To the Bali Children of the Hill we offer football, badminton, athletics, yoga, chess and board games. Through play we organize small competitive games through which kids can learn English and team spirit with the aspect of fun more than the winning.

Playing is a great learning method to enjoy the energy of the surrounding environment, which is so pure and beautiful in the village of Ulakan. As long as the game is directed in a positive and creative approach, the children’s play will be a vehicle for learning. Fun is the main key to our sports and winning certainly takes a back seat. If this is a bit of you then come and join us, and add to the fun!



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