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Books and reading are less popular among children and adolescents in the appeal of television and play station. It is going hand in hand with a lack of access to libraries and because of the inability to buy them.
Foundation Library Rare Angon Giri Indrawati is providing literature in the form of Komix, magazines, novels, literature, religious books, textbooks, computer tutorials and many other books. Help us to add to the collection of books in the library, by simply adding a book to your backapack.

Reading Room

with a collection of knowledge books, novels, comics, magazines and so on, the capacity of 20-50 people.


Activity Room

ie the room that can be used to move and develop a child’s imagination, such as drawing, painting, play, create forms, put puzzles, and so on.

Open Space

for all the activities that are held outdoors, such as learning to dance, sing, and so on.


Computer Room

with facilities 4 computers that can be used to learn the basics of computer, capacity of 4 people.

Display Space

is the room where the display of goods or objects that have anything to do with science.


for activities of children playing and resting, including a kitchen and herb life.

Shower, toilet and changing room

Audio Visual Space

with a flat-screen TV, sound system, and DVD player are used for showing films about general knowledge, nature, subjects and films that educate children, the capacity of 10-15 people in the room.


is a place to practice dancing, playing instruments and creating all kinds of types both for staging and rehearsal.


where the sale of drinks, snacks, learning tools and accesorisnya.


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