Yayasan Rare Angon Giri Indrawati

Rare Angon means shepherd of the children while Giri is mountain and Indrawati is the old name of Ulakan. We are NGO built by local people for the children living on the lush hills on the east coast of Bali. Out of love for them and the land, we call our students, Bali Children of the Hill.

Philosophy of YRAGI Logo

Clenched Fist
The image shows a hand holding three leaves which represent the leaf of life, the leaf of fortune and the leaf of love. The clenched fist symbolically represents that our futures lie within our own hands. We have the opportunity to make our lives better.

Philosophy of YRAGI Logo

Kneeling person
The figure in the image is kneeling as this symbolically represents one planting the sprouts of life, love and fortune. YRAGI helps i’s students plant these sprouts which allows for a better future.

Philosophy of YRAGI Logo

The colours of the rainbow symbolically represent one’s life experiences. Like colours in a rainbow our life experiences colour our lives. YRAGI colours the lives of it’s students by giving them experiences that will last with them throughout life.

Where Are We

YRAGI is in the village of Ulakan, a very special place as it’s tucked between the beautiful white sand beaches of Padangbai and Mount Agung. The Balinese believe that the volcano is the central axis of the universe so it is a very spiritual place for the local people

Who Are We

In addition to our volunteers we have 130 students between the ages of 7 and 14. The majority of our students come from agricultural families who harvest the land growing rice, coconut, papaya and banana.



Our Mission

Is to encourage Bali Children of the Hill to learn the English language, become playful through sports, and to enjoy with respect the beautiful nature they live in. All this with the object to enhance their future.

Our Vision

Is to provide a facility where students can come to develop their English language and communication skills. We believe that students learn best when they can be creative, active and through laughing.

Bali Children of the Hill Drawing

Guess what were Bali Children of the Hill learning today?

Stunning rice fields in the vicinity of YRAGI

Our Story

Wayan Gunayasa opened YRAGI as he noticed that Balinese children were lacking opportunities to develop skills which would allow them to thrive in a global economy. YRAGI is place where children can come to learn English, build knowledge of environment and computer skills through reading, creativity and play.

  • Sports 30%
  • Education 60%
  • Playing 10%
  • Children Happiness 100%
I Wayan Gunayasa

I Wayan Gunayasa


I Wayan Gunayasa is the founder of YRAGI and originally from the village of Ulakan. He started YRAGI in 2012 because he wanted to help the children from his village and surroundings to get an opportunity for the better future. Before opening the school, he worked fro 21 years with a Norwegian company and Udayana University on managing abroad programs for Norwegian Philosophy and Sports students. His role was to assist all needed logistics to successfully and safely cover students one semester stay in Bali. In addition to YRAGI Wayan Gunayasa has been involved with many socially conscious projects to help give back to his community.  He has worked in Orphanages in the slum areas of Jakarta, finding sponsors willing to support kids educational activities. Him and a friend from Norway worked as volunteers in Krobokan jail teaching drama, philosophy and painting. The student’s paintings were then sold in Norway and money were used to support further painting materials. Wayan is also a coordinator for the social department in Denpasar.  He coordinates social activities for people who are deaf, blind and autistic.

I Ketut Mudiada

I Ketut Mudiada


I Ketut Mudiada, also known as Mudi was born in the village of Bali that is the home of Mount Agung. He is known in his community as a famous trekking guide. His job allows him to bring many visitors back to his Volcano roots. Mudi gained his trekking fame by supporting search and rescue teams in a few life rescuing missions that were responsible for finding people who were lost in the volcanoes of Bali. He has always been involved in social work and finding solutions to better his communityHe has been volunteering with the school since 2012 before it was even finished being built. His most recent achievement was creating a Trash Hero Candidasa chapter which is responsible for keeping Bali Clean.